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Careprost is the most popular and effective eyelash growth product to make the lashes grow thicker and longer in a short time,and is the best choice for the treatment of hypotrichosis. Careprost eye drop contains an active ingredient known as bimatoprost 0.03%, regular use of careprost can boost the growth of your eyelashes making them long and can help in treating glaucoma and eyelashes hypotrichosis. glamages the eyes optic nerve,whereas hypotrichosis is a condition that affects the growth of eyelashes.For easy application, AN applicator comes along.the maximum eyelash growth can be noticed by 12-16 weeks. Frequent use of careprost can show visible results within 8 weeks.You can sleep after the application as there is no need to rinse you eyes.

In most cases, the drug has a positive effect on the growth of eyelashes, but in some cases, this effect is temporary. and after the treatment, the condition of eyelashes or remains the same, or even worse.sometimes, you can see the reviews on the application of Careprost for eyelashes. the reviews indicate that it is much safer to use for building and darkening eyelashes. then you can’t be afraid of side effects to the bodies of.

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